Saturday , January 28 2023

Forex Education

Support Pips in Forex Currency Trading

Support pips in forex are of the most important concepts in technical analysis. These pips are the most important thing that a traders examines in charts, and the most obvious and understanding. Once a dealer look at a currency chart, he knows its support and resistance pips.

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Scalping Strategy in Forex Currency Market

Scalping strategy for trading, means a trader opens a purchase or selling deal with a pair of currency. He keeps the deal for a very short time that reaches a minute, less or more in order to make a simple profit. When can a dealer use scalping? What are its requirements? When …

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Hedge Strategy in Forex trading

Hedge means open two contradictory deal at the same time. One of them for purchase, and the other for selling on the same currency pair. This strategy has a greater concept than this. Also, it has a followed system and rules, which you should best known.

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Trend in Forex Currency Trading Market:

In Forex that is called simply trend line . It is one of the most important tools in technical analysis. It is the first tool in financial analysis in Forex currency trading market. So, we should best known it and how can we benefit from this tool in making profits in …

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Trading with Margin in Forex

  Trading with margin basis describes one case, trading with an item, its price is more than your capital with a lot of doubles. Some brokers provide trading with margin Basis. They allow you to trade with an item its price is more than your capital, but the company deposits a …

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Successful Forex Trading Strategy

Successful Forex Trading Strategy In forex foreign currency trading, you always will find analysts and predictors if the market is going to rise or decline. For example; if euro is going to rise or decline, you can learn that or you can ask for a help, you should know that there is no …

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