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Securing E wallets Accounts

Securing E wallets accounts is the most thing that worries us when dealing with e-banks.

In this article, we will introduce some important advices for Securing e-wallets accounts in e-banks against Penetration and theft.

Some advices for Securing E wallets accounts

Securing E wallets Accounts

There are some precautions that we should do in order to secure e- banks accounts.

And not to be a victim of Penetration and theft, as the followings:

1- Using Gmail as an e- mail for Securing E wallets accounts
Google broker has provided accounts with a gmail.

Gmail is considered one of the strongest e-mails that we can use.

You should use it when making an account at any e- bank.

Because you can secure your e- bank account through gmail by linking it with your mobile phone.

Through the two steps of verification by logging in and safety.

You can link your account to your mobile phone, receive SMS with verification code.

So your mobile phone is linked with your gmail, and your account becomes safe.

If any hacker know your account password, he can’t log in to your gmail until he enter verification code which Google broker has sent to your mobile phone.

Some advices for Securing E wallets accounts

2- Logging in through Hidden Browsing or New Identity:
Firfox, and Google Chrome browsers provide us a logging in system through hidden browsing or by using a different IP.

It is considered a method of safety methods, that you should use when you log in to any of your accounts in e- banks .

As a method for increasing precaution in securing e- banks accounts.

3- Never save your logging in data on browser:
When we log in to any website, we found that browser whether it is Google Chrome, Firfox, Opera, or any other browser.

It asks to save your logging in data which are user name, e- mail, and password.

This option is excellent when logging in forums, educational websites (any website that you are frequently logging in, but not important).

But, for securing e- banks accounts, never save your logging in data on the browser that you are using.

and Some advices for Securing E wallets accounts

4- Use a Strong Password for Securing E-banks Accounts:
Your e-bank password must be strong, so it will be difficult for anyone to guess or access it by any way.

E-banks ask you to write a strong password.

You should use a password that consists of small and capital letters, numbers and symbols.

This kind of password is considered very strong in e- banks.

5- Save E-banks Data far from your Computer:
You should always save your e- banks data in a private notebook, or external paper.

Never save it in a document, a text file or a word file on your computer or even a memory card.

In order to easily find your data if you become a victim of penetration.

You found that many banks use pen code to complete financial transactions, and others use a secure ID, or a master key.

All these data should be saved far from your computer.

6- Use C- Cleaner software for securing E- banks accounts:

Securing E wallets AccountsThis genius software is one of the important software to delete registry, history, and any saved data on your browser.

Use it as a method for securing e-banks accounts.

By Using it, you can make sure that everything is deleted on your browser.

And you log in as if it is the first time to log in your e- bank from this Brower.


You can download this software from the link below:

Free CCleaner 2015 download

Securing E wallets accounts

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