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Forex Advantages between markets

Forex Advantages
There are many reasons that make Forex “Currency Trading” the best in trade market,
and better for making profits from other stock markets. In this article, we will mention the most important advantages of Forex as follows:

Forex Advantages

1- Liquidity:
“Do you buy a share from a company? Then; the company suffered from problems for any reason..
So; selling of the share has stopped for hours .. In the next day the price fall more than 10%??”
Yes, this is happening in stock market. But, this never happens in the Forex market.
Forex is currency trading so there is always who buys and sells.
So that, Liquidity is your ability for buying and selling at any time you want.

2- Free and fair trading:
Do you ever hear that someone says that “I received important information that the share in a company will rise by 20% after two days?” Yes, unfortunately this happens in the stock market, but, in Forex this never happens.

Free and fair trading is one of the most important advantages of Forex; there is no control on Forex from bodies and governments on trading. No matter how important a speculator or a professional is, this never affects exchange rate.

3- Availability of information:
Easy access to information is considered one of the most important advantages of Forex.
People Know information at the same time. For example; when US federal government decides to publish a decision about increasing profit rate, the whole world knew that at the same time.

This article about Forex advantages can be summarized in the following:
1- There are no factors that directly or indirectly affect on Forex market.
2- Easiness for following the market due to the availability of information.
3- Information reach to all at the same time.
4- Trading profit in currency market is up to 4 billion dollar per day.
5- Currency price is globally unified, and can’t be manipulated.
6- Speculators’ proportion in currency market up to 95%.

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