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Successful Forex Trading Strategy

Successful Forex Trading Strategy

In forex foreign currency trading, you always will find analysts and predictors if the market is going to rise or decline. For example; if euro is going to rise or decline, you can learn that or you can ask for a help, you should know that there is no person who has a priority upon the other especially you, in Forex trading after you gain the necessary experience that qualifies you for successful Forex trading.

Successful Forex Trading Strategy

In Forex trading, there are many steps for loss or making profit that you are doing, which are called Forex trading strategy.

Steps for winning and making profits in Forex trading:

Successful Forex Trading Strategy

The first step for winning in foreign currency trading is commitment to proper profit rules + statistical information + leverage which lead to secured victory.

In order to achieve the minimum limit for risk in commission loss, you should divide your amount  in forex trading company into several sections for trading which prevents the risk of losing 2% : 3 % of your amount in a deal.

If your amount is 10 thousand U.S dollar for trading, you shouldn’t trade with more than 100 : 200 U.S dollar in a deal, through activating stop- loss order in 100 pips : 200 pips. If the probability for losing or making profit is 50 % : 50% , you are safe, because you may just lose your commission.

Remember: ” you shouldn’t fail or go out of permanently of the deal”.

Secure Trading Rule:

Successful Forex Trading Strategy

There is an important rule for which makes you safe in Forex trading; don’t use influence (leverage or financial rise) more than 2 or 3 doubles, and 4 doubles for one time in a month. You should make sure that it is better for the broker that you are using the biggest influence or leverage, in order to have big commission whether in losing or making profit. So, you must be worry about your interests.

Why I can’t use leverage 100 doubles?

If you have 10 thousand U.S dollar in your account, and you want to use leverage for 100 doubles, and you buy  a deal with billion euro, so how does pip equal?

Pip equls 100 $, euro is always unsteady, if it falls 100 pip your loss will be 10000$ which are in your amount, so you will lose everything. Yes, you may win 100 pips and earn 10000$, but, remember that you should respect profit and loss order in forex trading.

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