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fbs deposit bonus 100% for traders

fbs  deposit bonus 100%

Deposit Bonus 100% of the FBS broker is the most powerful bonus programs among forex brokers at all where the FBS gives deposit bonus of 100% appear immediately in your account.

fbs deposit bonus 100%

FBS broker keens of Your success as a trader in the forex market, as well as the stability and efficiency of the strong position among the Forex brokers and it deserves the title of best Forex broker of the Year 2015 in the world.
FBS broker now has over than million traders which prove that the FBS is successes constantly.

Terms of fbs  deposit bonus 100%

1- The bonus is add automatic after a request through the homepage of the trader.
2- The bonus is add as equal as last deposit done by the trader.
3- Bonus appears in the trading platform in the Credit section.
4- Bonus can be withdrawn from a trading account after the required lot volume has been traded. For those clients who do not have a partner (IB), the required number of lots is calculated according to the following formula: bonus size divided by 3 (1 lot on a “Cent” account = 0.01 standard lot).

Your deposit: $900
100% Bonus: $900
900/3=300 lots

5- Bonus funds are not included in Margin Call and Stop Out levels calculation.

6- In case several 100 % bonuses were received, they are all summed up and are traded altogether.

7- In case trading account balance is less than 30% of the bonus amount, bonus is cancelled.

8- When the required lot volume is traded, a customer can apply for bonus funds withdrawal in his Personal Area.

9- The maximum leverage on bonus account is 1: 500.

10- The maximum bonus amount is 20,000 USD.

These are all terms of fbs deposit bonus 100%

Join to FBS broker and get bonus

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