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forex market advantages between markets

forex market advantages between markets ,There are many reasons make Forex (currency trading) is the best in the trade market and better profit than stock markets.
We will mention the most important  forex market advantages in this educational article as follows.

Financial liquidity.
I Give you an example,let us say that you buy stocks of a particular company and happened to these company a problem for any reason , this company stopped selling this stocks which you own it for hours and you find the price for these stocks dropped more than 10% ! Yes, this is happening in the stocks market.
But this will never happen in the forex market, as we have said before, in currency trading market there are always buyers and sellers all day.
So financial liquidity means the ability to sell or buy at any time you want.

Free and fair trading.
Do you ever heard someone say we HAVE received an important information that the stock (whatever it)
in a company will up 20% after two days, for example? Yes, unfortunately, this happens in the stock market – but in currency market never happen .
These are free and fair trading in the Forex,none control from governments or agencies or anybody on trading and no matter how important speculator or a professional, it can not affect the exchange rate.

All information available
Information one of the most important advantages of can get it easily .
Information known to all at the same time , for example, when the USA federal government decided to deploy the US decision to increase the rate, the whole world knew about it at the same time
This si the making information available for all in the same time.

These are the three important of  forex market advantages

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